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Caymus Equity is a private equity firm that invests in profitable lower middle market companies with significant growth potential.

We focus on industry sectors where we have a track record of investment and operating success. Through our collective experience, we offer a breadth of proprietary knowledge and relationships that enable us to contribute to the success of our investments, beyond just capital investments.

We believe it is the collaborative partnership between the management team and Caymus Equity that ultimately drives the success of each of our investments. We spend substantial time and resources to know our partners well, not just their businesses. We get to know our partners before we invest. This approach enables us to understand the professional strengths of the management team and the cultural environment, so that we can always augment and never diminish what has been built before us. Our goal is to provide assistance, advice, resources, and capital. We also provide access to managerial talent, creative ideas, and strategic relationships all of which drive our mutual success.

Our collective experience spans over 100 years of investment and operating success. It includes identifying potential opportunities; building, retaining, motivating, and rewarding executive talent; targeting and integrating acquisitions; and executing timely exits. Our professionals have been operating executives, including company founders, C-level executives, and board leaders. The challenges that small businesses must overcome today, we know firsthand. Overcoming those challenges in order to maximize success starts and ends with great partners.

What Makes Caymus Equity Different?

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We invest in excellent companies in the lower middle market. We focus on companies in the business services, healthcare services, consumer, and niche manufacturing sectors. We believe the key to building a successful company begins with building a strong partnership with excellent management teams. With considerable investment and operating experience, we work collaboratively with our partners to navigate critical decisions.

We build a collaborative partnership with the senior executives in every investment.

Partnering with the right management team is essential to investing successfully. The cornerstone of our investment philosophy is to make investments in partnership with strong, proven, and committed management teams, to assist in building excellent companies.

We seek to partner with entrepreneurial management teams that we believe to have similar values and work with a compelling business strategy and a well-developed framework for implementing that strategy.

We focus on excellent companies with attractive growth opportunities.

The lower middle market presents a broad and diverse universe of opportunities for investment success by combining skills and experiences with investment opportunity. Many companies in this sector possess the potential for rapid growth, but lack the resources, capital, and strategic guidance needed to realize their full potential.

We provide capital, expertise, and relationships to help lower middle market companies achieve their potential. In addition, substantially all of our investing and operating experience has been focused on the lower middle market.

We are an operationally driven private equity firm which works in collaboration with our management partners to understand a company’s potential and provide strategic support to enable it to maximize its growth potential.

Our professionals have operating experience that provides insight and guidance.

With over 40 years of successful operating experience in the lower middle market, we have established a reputation as responsible investors that provide consistent guidance and support to drive growth.

Having founded and operated numerous businesses, we leverage our experiences to help our companies achieve their growth potential. Adding value beyond simply providing capital is a guiding principle for Caymus Equity as an investment partner.

Our investments begin with conservative capital structures which maximize flexibility.

We believe in conservative capital structures to provide executives with the flexibility to manage their businesses through strong and weak economic cycles. In addition, we support management’s need to make investments in infrastructure and operational improvements. Our capital structures also increase our ability to close transactions. Given the nature of today’s capital markets, we have developed a track record of successfully closing numerous investments in volatile markets.

Flexible capital structures give them that ability. We also give companies the ability and flexibility to accelerate growth organically or through strategic acquisitions.


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