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Founded in 1984, FST is the nation’s leading provider of quality assurance and quality control, analytical testing, equipment services, specialty equipment sales and technical staffing for customers within the semiconductor and biopharmaceutical industries. FST’s major function is to act as an independent interface between semiconductor and biopharmaceutical clients and their mechanical tubing-installation subcontractors in establishing “build clean” installation methods that satisfy the customer’s internal specifications, fulfills requirements for local and national codes, and assures conformance to the requirements of other regulatory agencies. FST is one of the few companies in the U.S. with the proven ability to deliver the talent and resources necessary to meet these stringent testing requirements.


Caymus Equity initially met the owners of FST in early 2013 at the Company’s headquarters in Phoenix, AZ. The transaction was completed in late 2013 and allowed the owners to retain a significant ownership stake post-transaction. Shortly after the transaction we took steps to provide strategic advice to the current management team, including steps to further professionalize the business such as the expansion of the executive management team including a chief financial officer. These steps have helped the Company expand its services within the semiconductor industry and into the large and rapidly growing biopharmaceutical industry.


In FST we saw an opportunity to grow more aggressively both domestically and internationally in the semiconductor industry as well as into the biopharmaceutical industry. Because FST’s service of ensuring ultra-high pure working environments that is essential to the production of semiconductors and biopharmaceutical products, we saw that FST’s excellent reputation with its customers reinforced our perspective that the Company’s consistent recurring revenue stream from its current customers could quickly benefit from the implementation of a sales force to expand the company’s customer base in the semiconductor industry as well as the biopharmaceutical industry. As the Company continues to grow, we saw that the implementation of an executive management team would be essential to support the Company.


Caymus Equity has worked very closely with the CEO to develop a strategic plan that focuses on expanding sales and services to new customers in the midsize semiconductor and biopharmaceutical industries. Through the expansion of its sales force, the Company is able to effectively target new customer acquisitions to provide its full service offering. In addition, the Company plans to further expand its executive management team including world-class experts in new services that the company could offer. FST has already pursued this strategy with the retention of a world-class specialty equipment servicing professional and began this service offering in 2013. By properly executing on these strategies plus making targeted acquisitions, we believe the Company will remain the leading service provider to its targeted industries.


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